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Mushroom Leek Risotto

Hey! Guess what? It’s LeekWeek™ on the blog! Yeah, I didn’t know either! I think it’s what happens when you have too many leeks and you also have a cooking blog. The two, they collide! You can’t help it. As you may recall, my first LeekWeek™ post was Potato Leek Soup. While that soup was […]

Potato Leek Soup

If you had told me that one Russet potato could make a whole pot of potato leek soup taste potato-y, well, I don’t know if I would have believed you. I wouldn’t have been so bold as to call you a liar, I just would’ve quietly had my doubts. Until I tasted it, that is. […]

Fresh Rolls

Fresh rolls are my favorite. Ex-debate club kids would maybe try to argue that no, it’s really peanut sauce that’s my favorite. The two *do* seem to go hand in hand. But let them argue. I’d rather spend my time nomming these tasty rolls. Truly love at first bite many many moons ago, fresh rolls […]

Rustic Tomato Tart

This is a recipe from my good friend Christina, first tasted six, maybe seven, years ago. It was amazing. One bite and I feared I would eat the whole thing. Her crust was absolute perfection. The tomatoes were red red red. Summer at its finest. The herbs. Oh my. I could write a poem about […]

Twice Baked Spinach Potatoes

Po-tay-to. Po-tot-o. Either way, twice baked and stuffed with cheese is something we can all get excited about. Right? Right. It’s the queen of comfort food. The high priestess of starch. The secretary of ‘tater. This recipe got me thinking about the mashed potato and its place in our collective hearts. For instance, a Google search of […]