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Tofu Nuggets

This is, surely, the most golden brown entry I’ll ever post. Look at that fried-ness up there. Look at it. It’s everything you associate with the word “nugget” as it is applied to food. I first had these lil guys at Whole Foods where they sell them by the pound in the lunch-y buffet area. […]

Nut Burgers

Nut burgers. Nut. Burgers. Nutburgers. Hee hee. Aside from their name, there’s nothing unappetizing about these little guys. They’re more like an Americanized falafel than a hamburger, better with fresh vegetables than ketchup. But delicious with cheese. Monterey Jack perhaps? Or cheddar? Both sound tasty. They whip up fast and the only cooking required is […]

Simplest Marinara

I think there’s something way cool about knowing both a poem and a really great, simple recipe by heart. The kind of recipe made of pantry staples so it rarely requires a trip to the grocery store. Where you can make it in about 30 minutes. Where it’s good enough for company. This tomato sauce […]


It’s July 5th and yesterday was 60 degrees and rainy. My heat kicked in. Seattle Summer 2010 is off to a precarious start. Usually, turning on the oven or stove is low on the list of good ways to spend a July day but this year making soup seemed the perfect antidote to the drizzle. […]