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Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

Back in the olden days of being a vegetarian not only did we have to walk uphill both ways to hippy school but we didn’t have things like Morningstar Farms or Amy’s. Being a vegetarian wasn’t about convenience! It was about combining beans and rice for every meal so your muscles didn’t atrophy. If you […]

Potato Leek Soup

If you had told me that one Russet potato could make a whole pot of potato leek soup taste potato-y, well, I don’t know if I would have believed you. I wouldn’t have been so bold as to call you a liar, I just would’ve quietly had my doubts. Until I tasted it, that is. […]


While I feel like I should kick off this post talking about what a great breakfast muesli makes I am instead compelled to sing the praises of Bonne Maman jam. The jam is, of course, superb but the jars — they take it over the top. The darling gingham lids and perfect size make it […]

Fresh Rolls

Fresh rolls are my favorite. Ex-debate club kids would maybe try to argue that no, it’s really peanut sauce that’s my favorite. The two *do* seem to go hand in hand. But let them argue. I’d rather spend my time nomming these tasty rolls. Truly love at first bite many many moons ago, fresh rolls […]

Summer Spaghetti

I love summer. It was 95º yesterday. After a July of 60º highs and long stretches of rainy days, it was nice to see cloudless skies. Nice to feel hot. Nice to wonder where the sunscreen is. Just nice. It got me thinking about summer. Summer is all about the senses, isn’t it? Maybe more […]