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Champignon Bourguignon

I could have called this post Why-Julia-Child-Would-Have-Good-Reason-To-Hate-Me Bourguignon but that’s nowhere near as catchy as Champignon Bourguignon. Please, say it out loud, or at least enthusiastically in your head, with your best/worst French accent: Champignon Bourguignon. Champignon Bourguignon. It’s especially fun when said with disgust, which I would guess is how most French people would […]

Veggie Pepperoni

My friend Jason and I use to play this game where we would think through absurd scenarios of what-ifs. Like what if metal expanded when it froze instead of contracted? What if lakes froze from the bottom up? Or my favorite, what if pineapple pizza was the everyday pizza and pepperoni was something you got […]

Maple-Thyme Glazed Tempeh and Vegetables

I accidentally whipped up Thanksgiving and then topped it with more Thanksgiving and then was disappointed because I was just trying to make something autumnal. But these are the sorts of ups and downs one must endure when one has elected to have a cooking blog and such, therefore and without further ado. SO I […]

Spaghetti Squash with Lemon, Butter and Sage

Can we all take a moment to applaud the spaghetti squash? Or maybe it’s Mother Nature that deserves our thanks? Either way, it’s a vegetable that cooks up like a noodle. It becomes noodles. And it’s a vegetable. That is pure delight. I love spaghetti squash and I don’t care who knows it. I’d shout […]

Banana Ice “Cream” / Vegan Chunky Monkey

I’m no monkey, but I do like a good banana from time to time.  I remember reading somewhere that the bananas our parents ate were totally different bananas than the ones we eat. Like some terrible banana plague wiped out ALL THE BANANAS of our parent’s youth and they have since been replaced with these […]