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Maple-Thyme Glazed Tempeh and Vegetables

I accidentally whipped up Thanksgiving and then topped it with more Thanksgiving and then was disappointed because I was just trying to make something autumnal. But these are the sorts of ups and downs one must endure when one has elected to have a cooking blog and such, therefore and without further ado. SO I […]

General Tso’s Tofu

“Hello, <redacted Seattle area Chinese restaurant>! “Hi, can I place an order for delivery?” “Yes, go ahead…” “I’d like one order of Genreal Tso but with tofu instead of chicken aaaand …” “Hold on, hold on. <covers phone> Do we charge more for tofu? *mumbling* Oh, oh, we should. OK. OK. </covers phone> We charge […]

Tofu and Seitan “Turkey”

My carnivore boyfriend (boyfriend carnivorus) said that there was no way to get a good photo of seitan and tofu “turkey”, a.k.a. loaf. I wasn’t so sure. The worst you can say about loaf’s looks is that they’re bread-like, which sounds a-ok to me. It’s also tasty. And with the photographic evidence above, I dare […]

Tofu Scramble

If tofu had a gateway recipe, it would be tofu scramble. It’s easy to make. Familiar. Highly customizable. It calls to you on rainy Sunday mornings. It gets you hooked and then suddenly you’re like a five-star tofu chef — freezing it and marinating it and making fancy things out of it. Thank goodness tofu […]

Fresh Rolls

Fresh rolls are my favorite. Ex-debate club kids would maybe try to argue that no, it’s really peanut sauce that’s my favorite. The two *do* seem to go hand in hand. But let them argue. I’d rather spend my time nomming these tasty rolls. Truly love at first bite many many moons ago, fresh rolls […]