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Raspberry White Chocolate Scones

Word on the street is that these very scones are what the Queen of England demands for breakfast each morning. She eats promptly at 6am and her meal is comprised of one perfectly round scone and one cup of Earl Gray tea. With milk. If it has been a particularly stressful week she will request […]

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Tis the season to have more summer squash in your possession then you have friends on Facebook. If you haven’t grown your own bushel, someone has given you one. It’s inescapable. And why would you want to escape it, anyway? Zucchini, patty pan, crookneck — there’s nothing not to be happy about. Did you know […]

Chewy Brownies

The brownie is a polarizing baked good. Either you’re fudgy or chewy. A middle or an edge. I’ve heard legend of this debate devolving into arm wresting contests at county fairs. It’s ruined friendships and ended marriages. Only the chunky vs. smooth peanut butter war has done more damage. It’s true. And for those I’m […]