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Champignon Bourguignon

I could have called this post Why-Julia-Child-Would-Have-Good-Reason-To-Hate-Me Bourguignon but that’s nowhere near as catchy as Champignon Bourguignon. Please, say it out loud, or at least enthusiastically in your head, with your best/worst French accent: Champignon Bourguignon. Champignon Bourguignon. It’s especially fun when said with disgust, which I would guess is how most French people would […]

Brown Rice and KaleĀ Gratin

OMG this is so good. Yes, I did just start this post as though it were a text message, but hear me out: this is absolutely delicious. I’ll even bet good money that it will become an immediate staple in your recipe repertoire. Seattle is culinaryly lucky in many areas like donuts, coffee and wood–fired […]

Basic Macaroni and Cheese

Friends, I have a question for you: when you see a blog post for macaroni and cheese (like this one!) does it A) make you want to try that *specific* macaroni and cheese or B) send you running to the kitchen to make your tried and true favorite mac and cheese? Here is my hunch. […]

Vegetable and Lentil Tian

This recipe is so good that it doesn’t even matter that I don’t know what a tian is. Not one bit. It doesn’t even matter that I was too lazy to Google it. And it especially doesn’t matter that I thought it was a typo for “gratin” for a good 10 minutes while I wondered […]