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Vegetarian Avgolemono (Greek Lemon Soup)

Confession: Prior to making this recipe, I never had tried avgolemono soup. The reasons: Back in my meat-eating youth, I suffered from a near paralyzing lack of Greek restaurants. I think it’s a common ailment for kids growing up in the middle of Wisconsin. Only cure: move. Move far away. And that I did. Well, […]

Black Bean Bowl

Sometimes I get out of balance. Competing priorities. Picking the wrong ones. During these times I rarely cook. Relying on coffee for breakfast, going out for lunch and cereal for dinner. It catches up with me. I miss eating something warm. Something I made. With vegetables. Vegetables! Something where I’m being good to myself. This […]

Nut Burgers

Nut burgers. Nut. Burgers. Nutburgers. Hee hee. Aside from their name, there’s nothing unappetizing about these little guys. They’re more like an Americanized falafel than a hamburger, better with fresh vegetables than ketchup. But delicious with cheese. Monterey Jack perhaps? Or cheddar? Both sound tasty. They whip up fast and the only cooking required is […]